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Enable access restrictions for selected folders
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Hide folders on the drives of your computer. Select the items in the program and make them inaccessible to crackers, viruses, ransomware, trojans, and other kinds of malware. Unlock and restore the original access rights at any time, add or remove files securely, etc.

In these times of frequent remote connections, keeping your most sensitive data away from prying eyes is becoming more important than ever. SecretFolder offers you a free and simple solution to hide your files and folders with just one click.

The first thing this convenient tool will ask you to do is to define and enter a secure master password to make sure that you and you only can manage your locked data. Even though you are reminded to make sure you don’t forget this master password, you are asked to enter an e-mail address that the program will use to help you recover your password in case you can’t remember it. Likewise, SecretFolder will let you change your password as many times as required by opening the Preferences dialog.

Using SecretFolder cannot be easier – you can add as many individual files and entire folders to the program as you wish using Windows File Explorer and they’ll be locked automatically as soon as they are added to the list. Unlocking them and locking them back again is equally simple – just select those you wish to unlock or lock again and click on the Unlock/Lock buttons in the top ribbon.

The program offers no other functionality in terms of data protection. I particularly missed some control and guidance on the level of security of your master password – not to mention the possibility of generating a strong password to protect your data, a functionality that is commonplace in many other similar tools. However, given that SecretFolder is a completely free tool, it is for you to decide if its simple yet efficient functionality covers your security needs or not.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers a recovery e-mail address
  • Locks and unlocks files and folders with one click
  • Can hide all folders automatically when closing the program


  • Does not verify the security of your master password
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